Systemline Upgrades

definition; Upgrade

Raise (something) to a higher standard, in particular improve (equipment or machinery) by adding or replacing components.

Systemline, established in 1988, has been supplying multiroom audio systems in the Uk for now over 30 years.

Launched in 2008, the Systemline Modular AM8 system was very popular with home builders and installers. This was a time before the smart phone and music streaming that are so common place today.

We regularly install new Systemline 7 multi-room audio systems in customers houses who are upgrading an existing older system. We do this by reusing the existing cabling already installed in the property, and hence minimise any unwanted damage or disruption. These upgrades then bring the new Systemline 7 multi room audio system with its streaming music services and huge music selections to customers home.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with your existing multi-room audio system, whether its Systemline or another system, we can likely give you a new modern system without having to rewire or install new cabling.

Systemline are also currently offering a 25% discount on your upgrade electronics so you truly can enjoy music, everywhere.

Examples of older Systemline systems that are upgraded;

Let’s find out how we can help you make your home / office / project come to life.