Multi-room Audio

definition; multi-

a combining form meaning “many,” “much,” “multiple,” “many times,” “more than one,” “composed of many like parts,” used in the formation of compound words:

  • Multi-room Audio Systems from Systemline & Control 4 Automation.
  • Music built into the fabric of your home with independently controllable zones of music in any space you can imagine from the Bathroom to the terrace.
  • Easily controlled from integrated keypads, LCD panels or your smartphone / tablet.
  • Automatic integration with TV screens in your spaces.
  • Your favourite music readily accessible and hidden away. No black boxes allowed!
  • Music streamed from services such as Spotify, Tidal or Deezer at the plus of a button.
  • Your music collections stored on the network in your home and easily searchable and accessible.
  • Thousands of radio stations available via TuneIn internet radio, you name it and its more than likely available.

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